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About us

Holmes Consulting Group (HCG) is a structural engineering consultancy with five offices in New Zealand, an affiliated office in San Francisco and a practice that is global in scope. Our focus is on providing solutions that are cost-effective, pragmatic and thoughtful. The range of projects to which we have contributed is impressive.

We are specialists. Our analysis methods are so advanced that often we create our own tools because there is no software that can do the job right.

This high-level analysis ensures that every consideration is given to the safety of our projects and the people who inhabit them, but also allows the vision of architects to soar. 

We live in a land that is stunningly beautiful but is one of the most seismically active in the world. We think a lot about safety - in fact, our engineers are often involved in reviewing the standards that govern building in New Zealand.

As we are specialists, we happily merge into the project teams. We do not attempt to expand into other aspects of the design and build process.

Our people are committed, enthusiastic and above all, very smart. We pass along our collective wisdom to each new employee.

We invite you to read more about our unique perspective by selecting one of the headings above.

  • The Metropolis: This is New Zealand's tallest residential building.