Born in New Zealand over 65 years ago, Holmes is a distinctively international business. With more than 500 people worldwide, Holmes delivers a powerful combination of innovation, technical excellence, and good old-fashioned pragmatism.

Holmes brings inspired practicality to some of the world’s most complex engineering, design, and compliance challenges. Working across Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and the Netherlands, we combine international best practice with local knowledge earned on thousands of challenging projects in our own backyards.


We’ve built our reputation for delivering premium structural engineering in challenging seismic zones.

We combine rigorous thinking, original technologies, and ingenuity—finding new and better ways to deliver resilient structures.

Ever-positive and committed to leading new standards of analysis and design, we are the creative, quality-focused alternative to run-of-the-mill engineering.

With a substantial portfolio of signature projects, Holmes is trusted to deliver outstanding structural designs all over the world.


We're a specialised fire engineering consultancy with a world-leading reputation.

With an evident spirit of collaboration, we pursue technical design to permit the freedom of architectural expression—whether through performance-based designs or the pragmatic application of prescriptive building codes.

We offer a ready reserve of talent, experienced in the technical challenges of each project. Pairing innovation with applied expertise, Holmes develops superb fire and life safety solutions with matchless reliability.


Infrastructure takes the creative know-how of our engineers who design bridges, roads, and marine structures.

Our Bridging and Civil Structures team implements inventive strategies that recognise the need for speed of construction and minimising waste. We’re often called in to work where environmental protection is key and terrain is extremely difficult. We love that kind of project, balancing style with the creative pragmatism we’ve built our reputation on.


Holmes Solutions designs, develops, and tests products and systems in high-risk industries. We pioneer ideas to disrupt competitive commercial, regulatory-driven markets.

Obsessive about our clients’ objectives and keenly attuned to users' needs, we employ evidence-based engineering to maximise certainty and optimise performance. Simply put, we create products that win.

With a global footprint and diversified technical skills, we add value across all stages of a product’s lifecycle—from initial feasibility studies to final compliance testing. We strike a competitive advantage by developing products that are useful, desirable, and profitable.

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Holmes AUS & NZ

Structural Engineering, Fire & Life Safety, and Infrastructure design from our Australia, New Zealand, and the Netherlands offices.

Holmes US

Structural Engineering and Fire & Life Safety for design-first projects throughout the United States.

Holmes Solutions

Product Design and Testing with innovative solutions for clients across the globe.


Holmes delivers expert structural, civil, geotechnical, and fire engineering—as well as product development and testing.


Founded in 1956 by Lyall Holmes, we have a long-established history of solving complex engineering, design, and compliance challenges.


We’ve exported our specialist skills all over the world with 500+ people across 15 offices.


Our people share a culture of curiosity and a love of creativity. Working together in an integrated way, we consistently deliver brilliant, efficient solutions—whatever the challenge.