We’ve worked on thousands of projects all over the world—including some of the most complex and compelling challenges.

Across those projects we’ve brought the trademark Holmes attention to detail, combined with the innovative spirit and technical horsepower the toughest problems demand. It’s work we love delivering, and our track record is testimony to an unwavering commitment to quality and delivering what we promise.

We’ve delivered fire, civil, and structural designs for important, high-profile buildings and infrastructure developments. We’ve invented new technologies that are re-defining the roadside barrier and adventure recreation industries. In between those examples, we’ve provided our clients timely, accurate advice on a huge range of topics and challenges, helping them hit their own commercial targets.

At Holmes, our credentials are embodied by the landmark projects we’ve delivered over 65 years—and filled out with the brilliant work we deliver day-to-day. Whether we’re delivering on an iconic commercial development, hiding away in the lab chasing a brand-new innovation, or presenting a paper at an international conference, we do everything to the Holmes level of quality. That’s why our track record is rock-solid across thousands of projects spanning a huge range of challenges and locations.