Our expertise has been earned over tens of thousands of projects all over the world.

Across Holmes, our skills are the culmination of decades of great work at the sharp end of some of the most challenging projects, working in some of the most extreme environments. It’s work we love doing, and every new challenge adds to our collective knowledge.

In engineering, we have set the bar for exceptional fire, civil, and structural design, and continue to raise that standard with new innovation and thinking. And in product design, development, and testing, Holmes has consistently pushed into new territory—opening new possibilities across a wide range of industries all over the world.

In combination, our collective Holmes expertise provides the horsepower to solve the toughest problems. It’s that expertise that has secured us big and important work all over the world—work we deliver with our trademark creativity, energy, and attention to detail. Partnering with the Holmes team, you’ll have confidence and certainty in the delivery of exceptional results.