The Holmes creative spirit and curiosity flows through our teams day-to-day.

We love exploring and creating new solutions, always looking for better ways to design, deliver and advise. That commitment to creativity runs deep—Holmes people love to question, explore and push the boundaries.

We never cut corners, but we’re always looking for shorter and surer paths to success.

When it comes to imagination, we like to think we’re the kind of dreamers you can really depend on—with blue sky thinking that’s still firmly earthed in realities of codes, gravity and the other factors at play in any project. That balance of imagination and pragmatism is notoriously hard to find, but it’s always set Holmes apart.

We’re not here to innovate for the sake of it, or to win awards or acclaim. We do it for a reason—because it’s the best way to save money, improve efficiency or performance, or overcome the sorts of challenges your ‘garden variety’ consultant will avoid at all costs. That’s why we’re the partner of choice for clients looking to break new ground on ambitious landmark projects, or wanting to unlock the cost, efficiency and performance benefits of innovation done right.