At Holmes, we’ve got more than 500 talented people across four countries.

We’re a diverse international team with a wealth of local, national and international expertise and experience. Wherever you are in the world, the Holmes team has the reach and depth of technical knowledge to deliver on your toughest challenges.

We’ve delivered massive aircraft hangars across Indonesia and the Middle East, fire engineering for Scott Base in Antarctica, and treetop adventure rides in the forests of Colorado. We’re at the pointy end of some tricky seismic strengthening in the north of the Netherlands, and we’ve designed a vital road bridge in a remote part of Papua New Guinea. Wherever we work, and whatever the challenge, our clients can always rely on the trademark Holmes positivity, creativity, and technical horsepower.

From our bases in Australia, the Netherlands, New Zealand and the United States, we deliver high-quality local, national and international work—drawing on local knowledge combined with international experience. Our people move between our offices frequently, sharing their learnings and creating a well-connected, diverse and vibrant Holmes team across all our locations. When there’s a crisis we can help with—like the Christchurch earthquakes—the team mobilises rapidly, bringing great people from our other locations to get the right skills on the ground.

There’s no limit to our reach, and we’re always looking for opportunities to test our skills in new parts of the world.