We’re fired up about the work we do, and we bring that excitement and energy to all of our projects.

We love listening to people’s challenges—and then solving them with a combination of art, science, and commercial smarts. We’re the creative hum that sets the project meeting on edge and the people bringing big new ideas to the table.

Holmes people are curious and courageous in equal measure, always asking ‘why,’ and then ‘why not?’ Once we get our teeth into a problem, we’re all about blazing the best path forward. We love an ‘impossible’ challenge and lose ourselves finding great answers to new and age-old problems. At Holmes, there’s always a premium on bold new thinking, and a love of exploring the unknown.

Underneath the love of the work, there’s a deep-down pragmatism. We understand business, balancing the love of technical problem-solving with the commercial drivers for any project. We’re not innovating for the sake of it—we’re doing it because it delivers our clients a real benefit. It’s that down-to-earth approach that the Holmes team has taken all over the world.

The Holmes team is close-knit, with great people regularly transferring between offices—nationally and internationally. Wherever they sit, Holmes people are defined by their positivity, their enthusiasm for their area of expertise, and the inspired practicality the business has built its reputation on since the days of Lyall Holmes himself.

Holmes is a great place to be.