Anna Wilson

Anna is a project director at Holmes Solutions. Watch the video to hear what Anna thinks about life at Holmes, and the opportunities Holmes people get to pursue.

Alyson Blair

Alyson is a senior fire engineer working for Holmes Fire in our San Francisco office. Click on the video to hear about Alyson’s work, and what Holmes means to her.

Wayne Juno

Wayne is a project director and business manager for Holmes Consulting’s Wellington office. Watch the video to find out what Wayne loves about Holmes.

John Hare

John is Holmes Group’s CEO—click the video to hear about what he loves about our business and its people.

Luke Williams

Luke was a senior engineer with Holmes Solutions and now works in our Holmes Fire business—find out about Luke’s journey at Holmes, and what he loves about the challenges and opportunities at Holmes.

Mary Kretschmar

Mary is a design engineer with experience across both our USA and NZ offices. Watch the video to hear about Mary’s experiences at Holmes.